Clio Goldbrenner is FIVE… and bows down to our feet.

It was five years ago that the line of bags with signature chain mail first saw the light of day. This marked the start of an adventure that combines leather, contours and colours in natural harmony with the seasons and the desires of the women who wear them.

Clio Goldbrenner bags, pouch bags and wallets are the perfect solution for women who want elegantly simple, impeccably designed and durable accessories. They have hit their mark and seduced women of all ages.

A birthday therefore that Clio wanted to mark by doing what she does best, being even more creative and surprising us with even more originality…

… the result is, ACHILLE, a new collection of sneakers designed by CLIO GOLDBRENNER.

5 years, 5 models…

Clio is right on the ball: her sneakers dovetail into the trend of wearing sneakers as more than just cool sportswear. They go with all outfits from shorts to trouser suits, little black dresses or summer frocks. Her wonderful love affair with leather has led her to revise fashion codes for shoes in her unique and inimitable way.

Do you have a preference for the blue elegance of Night, the tropical feel of Exotic, the white on white of Flake, the white and pale blue childhood stripes of Stripy, the yellow attitude of Lemon? And Clio Goldbrenner’s trademark chain mail puts in a surprising appearance at the base of the laces.

Clio Goldbrenner is FIVE and bows down to our feet. She has reached a hitherto unknown level of originality and creativity.


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